The George Washington University seeks to provide a pleasant experience for all patrons who attend events on campus through the following accessibility accommodations.



The Lisner Auditorium, Jack Morton Auditorium, Dorothy Betts Theatre, and various conference spaces are all equipped with accessibility ramps and wheelchair accessible bathrooms.

General Admission Events and Conferences: For those who require wheelchair accessible accommodations for seating at Lisner Auditorium, Dorothy Betts Theatre, or Jack Morton Auditorium, we do reserve seating to accommodate ADA needs.

At Lisner, we reserve the last row of the Orchestra section for guests with an accessibility need and one companion. Guests should enter the building via the accessibility ramp, located near the far left entrance door to the building. Once inside the building, we encourage guests to find an usher or a House Manager to request assistance with claiming a seat (and a companion seat, if needed) in our accessible seating area.Orchestra Right - Accessible seating is located in Row N

Both Dorothy Betts Theatre and Jack Morton Auditorium have accessible access to the building through the main doors and reserved seating for ADA needs. Please speak with a House Manager or an usher upon arrival for seating.

Please note: due to the limited number of accessible seats, we may not be able to accommodate seating in the ADA area for more than the guest who has the need and one companion. If you have a group of 3+, please be aware that you may not be able to sit together as a group.

Reserved Seating Events: At Lisner Auditorium, accessible seating is indicated as "ADA" on the seating map and is located in Row N of the Orchestra section, as shown in the image to the right.

Please note: due to the limited number of accessible seats, we request that tickets only be purchased in this row for the guest who has the need and one companion.



The George Washington University offers accommodation for patrons seeking ASL Interpretation, and is available for events upon request.

In order for us to properly process a request for ASL interpretation, we ask that all requests be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the event date.



Lisner Auditorium employs ListenTech, a RF (Radio) based technology, through the use of assistive listening devices which can be found in the lobby at the coat check.


Upon request, patrons will be given a beltpack unit which can be used one of three ways:

1.) Patrons can use their own headphones with the beltpack

2.) Patrons can use headphones that are provided by Lisner

3.) Patrons can plug a neck lanyard into the beltpack that will work in conjunction with the patron's (T-Coil enabled) hearing aids.


If you have any questions about accessiblity at any of our venues or have an accessibility request, please contact us via phone: (202) 994-6800 or email: